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Hello... o_o

I'm new, so I don't know how everything works here, though I did look around, and I guess I'll share the two I want to share. XD I'm warning you though... I'm not that talented. >.o

First I have Ryouhei from when he was still in Ayabie. n.n;

Then I have An Cafe an art I did for Miku's birthday. >< 

As you can see I like to switch between styles, but yeah~ XP Enjoy? ♥?
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THIS IS PRETTY!!!! i cant colour that well!!! >_<
the an cafe is sooo cute!! squee~~~
Thanks. XD I'm glad you like it. And years of art class helped me learn how to color.. o.o
of course!! its so colourful~~~ wah... so good you're in art class.... im wanna go there but didnt get... all i get was design and tech... and i tell you it sucks!!! -_-"
wow...i love it so much!! great you!!! for the color too!!nyan~~~~
Thank you. ^^ <3
yea..your welcome dear^^