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Hiya there~<3

It has been forever since my last fan art update.. well, now I'm happy to share some of my newest drawings/paintings with you all :)

These were born after a long period of time of feeling utterly crappy. I released all of my frustration/anger/lonelyness by painting these two pictures. They're quite big (A2), so it was very refreshing not to struggle with the small details.

Both of the pictures represent Uruha-san (The Gazette). I have titles the drawings, but I'm not telling the names -not yet. The burst of inspiration I needed to paint these came from a couple of Gazette songs, and I named my works of art after these songs. I'd like to hear if you can tell which songs I'm talking about just by looking at the pictures -if you can, it means something I really bad wanted to yell out loud is conveyed *lol*

Ink, watercolor, pencil
<-lots of ranting +the actual pictures

Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing them<3

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